Can we trust the government to run the 457 Visa Program properly?
03-01-2017 5 Comment

Summary: Can we trust governments to run the 457 Visa Program properly?....

Description: Can we trust governments to run the 457 Visa Program properly? With 700,000 Australians looking for work we now come to realize that there were 374 individuals working on 457 employment visas in our mines between 2008-2013. Now I am not against the import of workers from overseas in skill sets which are experiencing shortages but mining has been going through a steady downturn for some time across Australia now. So 374 Australians not getting work while labour from overseas is being brought in, is not right. The realisation that the government would choose to bring workers from other countries instead of hiring locally is heartbreaking. A bill has sought to be introduced within parliament recently which would tighten up 457 restrictions. The concept of the 457 program is that before employers can hire from outside the area they must first look for local workers. Politicians like Mr. Shorten state that if we toughen up the 457 visa process, employers will be required to look locally before going elsewhere. This has always been the case even under the present program. So where did that fail? Where was that line of thinking when someone approved all of those foreign work visas when the country is going through a major labour glut? Seems to me that someone in charge of visa grants was preaching one thing and doing something completely different over the past 18 or so months. What are your feelings regarding this? Do you feel that the government is doing enough or are they making it too hard for locals to remain gainfully employed across the full working life cycle? Should something be done? Let us know what you are thinking we would love to hear your input.

Source : Ray Pavri

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