Have Australian engineers become second class citizens? Does anyone care?
10-01-2017 1 Comment

Summary: Our local engineers have no jobs in what is a changed employment dynamic. Yet overseas workers are continually being brought in as if nothing has changed.....


Australian engineering graduates and Australian engineers in general seem to be losing jobs to individuals migrating from other countries, despite the dire situation engineers in industries like oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and some parts of the electricity generation, transmission and distribution industries face.

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As per a recent report in 2015/2016, a record number of skilled engineers migrated to Australia leaving job vacancies at an all-time low.

The problem with this is that Australian engineering graduates and engineers in general are left searching for jobs that don’t exist.

Is this fair?

We all know that this isn’t the first time that government officials have gone looking elsewhere for employees to fill local job vacancies.

After reviewing the skilled occupations list, Engineers Australia expects another skills shortage in Engineering stating “Engineering has a highly cyclical employment market and long-term migration is a method of moderating this boom/bust cycle”. This said by the chief executive Stephen Durkin of EA.

Incidentally Engineers Australia made $8.8 million last financial year from their skills migration assessment.

The government for immigration and border protection states that the government is only trying to strengthen the skilled migration program and that overseas workers would only supplement Australian workers not otherwise available in hard to find skill sets.  This being said by Mr. Dutton adding that “Australian workers will have priority”.

But with so many engineers with up to fifteen years’ experience languishing in places like Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania finding it really difficult to find jobs - is this migration program for engineers currently necessary?

How do you feel about the shortage of jobs?

Should skilled engineers be removed from the migration list?  What would you like to see done?

Source : Brian Mook, Blogger, WattElectricalNews, 10/01/17

  • MyPassion

    27 Jan, 2017

    I am an Australian engineer, a citizen from Perth, who has worked ex-pat for many years. Mainly in mining. I have been trying for some time to find work back in Australia, but with no success. Precisely as your article describes.
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