• 31 construction workers shot dead in Papua, Indonesia
31 construction workers shot dead in Papua, Indonesia
05 Dec, 2018, 2 Comment

Summary: Construction workers shot dead .......

In one of the worst separatist attacks in Indonesia’s restive province of Papua, 31 construction workers and a soldier were shot dead on Sunday and Monday.

The men worked for state-owned contractor Istaka Karya, building bridges and roads in the impoverished region.

Twenty-four were killed when gunmen stormed a bridge construction site in a remote mountainous village in Nduga district, on the western half of New Guinea island.

Eight fled to the house of a local politician, but the gunmen came and killed seven of them on Monday, reports South China Morning Post.

Security forces were trying to recover the bodies today, but they were being guarded by the separatists.

After Dutch colonial rule, Papua declared itself an independent nation in 1961 but Indonesia took control of the region by force in 1963.

GCR Staff, www.globalconstructionreview.com/news/31-construction-workers-shot-dead-papua-indonesia/

  • MyPassion

    09 Dec, 2018

    From what I hear this sort of violence is fairly common place in Papua .. the difference though is that it's usually the natives that are massacred by the Indonesian security forces ..

  • MyPassion

    This is truly a tragic incident. After working in Indonesia for a decade or more...this is one of the worst cases of violence I have heard of.... My regrets to those lives that were lost.... I have spent a lot of time in Irian Jaya, but never anything like this happened...

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