• Barrow Island FIFO worker self-harms on flight to Perth
Barrow Island FIFO worker self-harms on flight to Perth
10 Feb, 2016, 9 Comment

Summary: A FIFO worker at Chevron’s Gorgon Project on Barrow Island has harmed himself on a flight to Perth.....

A FIFO worker at Chevron’s Gorgon Project on Barrow Island has harmed himself on a flight to Perth.

In a site notice, Chevron Australia’s Gorgon Project operations production manager Andrew Black said the incident took place on Friday.

“Sadly, a work mate harmed himself during the flight,” the notice, obtained byPerthNow, said.

“The person involved is now stable and continues to receive medical support. I ask we respect their privacy. That’s important.

“The quick response of the crew and fellow passengers made a big difference.

“Their efforts were commendable and demonstrated genuine care and compassion in a tough situation.”

Mr Black said Chevron took mental health “very seriously”.

He said there were options for support on Barrow Island, including a psychologist available seven days a week.

“Looking out for our mates extends beyond safety and PPE (personal protection equipment). It can also be about helping a friend get professional support,” the notice concludes.

Cobham Aviation, which operates the flights, declined to comment.

A Chevron spokesman said: “A Barrow Island worker is receiving medical care following a non-work related incident on Friday. Our thoughts are with the individual and their family during this sensitive time. Employee and contractor assistance programs are available 24/7.”

The incident comes after a WA parliamentary inquiry was last year held into mental health issues among FIFO workers.

The inquiry was called after a spate of suicides in the FIFO workforce in the Pilbara.

It made 30 recommendations, including a new code of practice to address rosters and “explicitly acknowledge the impact of fatigue on mental health”.

In October, the State Government said it supported 14 recommendations, noted 15 and partially supported one, saying many could be achieved by strengthening existing codes of practice.

Production is due to start at Gorgon, Australia’s largest gas project, within weeks.

perthnow.com.au 8/2/2016

  • MyPassion

    10 Feb, 2016

    FIFO has been going on for along time now and it is not an easy life. That is why the rewards are good. The people who fail are obviously not suited to this life and should not be hired in the 1st place and should not even apply for these roles. The lifestyle will only suit certain people and is not for everybody.
  • MyPassion

    10 Feb, 2016

    What do you expect.....the employee assistance program is then used to remove you from site due to FFD issues. Poor buggers can't win
  • MyPassion

    10 Feb, 2016

    FIFO conditions in Australia is not the problem. Many of workers currently in Australia who have done FIFO in other part of the globe with relatively extended period than the considered undesirable here will definitely agree to that. Working FIFO has a purpose and definitely is intentional. But it is not for everyone and can only work according to its purposes and intentions. This is something that regulations or unionism cannot simply address. It is rather dependent on the character, grit and psychology of the worker(s). A full battery test is a must to every FIFO applicant to ascertain the suitability of the person to the known risks.
  • MyPassion

    10 Feb, 2016

    RCR comments are very insensitive, unhelpful, dangerous and very poor. It shows you are one of the people who actually causes fellow work mates to harm themselves. I very appalled by your comments. You are a bully from what I can see of your comments. Shame on you RCR.
  • MyPassion
    FIFO is not for mommy's boys. Stay home you will be better off
  • MyPassion

    21 Dec, 2016

    FIFO remuneration financially handcuffs employees to the jobs whereby they develop a lifestyle which cannot be supported by a normal day job with lesser remuneration. People who are capable of enduring FIFO work for years at a time are permanently socially and mentally stunted by the lifestyle and colleagues at the workplace. If they are experiencing personal problems or bullying at the workplace they cannot escape, particularly if the bullying extends outside working hours. Furthermore, if FIFO workers don't have normal people to associate with on their time off that exacerbates the mental effects of FIFO.
  • MyPassion

    Name Withheld
    30 Mar, 2017

    FIFO is also hard on the family at home which can cause breakdowns within relationship resulting in a huge amount of stress on the FIFFO worker.
  • MyPassion

    24 May, 2017

    Everyone knows what FIFO is and how it works,,, if you knowingly take a FIFO Job,, you already know what your in for.... but some sort of testing for mental balance could be some use
  • MyPassion

    06 Jul, 2017

    RCR comments might be insensitive but they are true. The problem has only got worse over the last decade yet has been around for as. Long as I can remember, so where does the problem lie. Workers now have r r, single accommodations, ensuite, healthy food, gym, pool, and the list goes on which we fought for many years ago. So in my opinion there is only one common factor.
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