• CSG ordered to pay former GM Forrester Leahey $360k in unfair dismissal suit
CSG ordered to pay former GM Forrester Leahey $360k in unfair dismissal suit
12 Oct, 2017, No Comment

Summary: CSG has been ordered by the Federal Court to pay $360,000 to its former general manager Forrester Leahey.....

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Leahey sued the print and IT service provider through Fair Work Australia in November 2016, accusing the company of unfair dismissal.

Previous hearings hinted that he would be entitled to receive $94,003 plus interest after he was ruled not to be a “bad leaver”, after the court determined he didn't commit willful misconduct, breach the terms of his contract, been negligent, or engage in any other conduct justifying termination of employment.

Justice Michael Lee said CSG had “opportunistically fastened” onto an alleged altercation involving Leahey and another CSG employee in Brisbane in 2016 in order to justify his dismissal.

CSG declined to comment on the case, while Leahey was not immediately available for comment.

Prior to Leahey's termination with CSG in August 2016, he was the company’s general manager for six years.

Leahey is currently a business development manager and a master agent for Fuji Xerox Australia.

In 2016, CSG was also sued by a sales agent for $500,000, when Trevor O'Brien and his company Tazaa accused the print and IT service provider of breaching a sales agent agreement.

crn.com.au 12/10/2017

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