• Cattleman’s group wants land access veto
Cattleman’s group wants land access veto
15 Mar, 2017, 1 Comment

Summary: THE Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association wants the power to veto land access for oil and gas companies as part of its submission to the inquiry into hydraulic fracturing.....

NTCA chief executive officer Tracey Hayes said given that option people won’t feel disempowered and are likely to be less inclined to object.

“We support a Landholder’s right to say “no” to access” she said. “Conversely this includes a landholder right to say “yes” to access.

“But should a landholder say yes the Government must establish a legislative framework for mandatory Land Access, Conduct and Compensation Agreements to be entered between Landholders and Proponents.” The current guidelines are not legislated meaning access can be granted following arbitration.

Ms Hayes said her members hold a diverse range of views in relation to hydraulic fracturing from those who support the increased development it will bring to a majority of Australians, to those who feel the risks to the environment and enterprises far outweigh the potential benefits.

“We have considered a range of views in developing the position, which we feel best represents the needs of our members,” she said. “The NTCA is seeking, on behalf of its members, the ultimate right to protect their natural resources and their livelihoods. The NTCA submission does not support hydraulic fracturing in its current regulatory position, as the associated risks have not yet been sufficiently quantified, understood or explained.

Ms Hayes said a recent survey of NTCA members identified water quality and quantity as the area of most concern.

nt news 14-03-2017

  • MyPassion

    Terry EALING
    17 Mar, 2017

    In Western Australia a mining company cannot come on to your land without permission but could that change. The way it is done in implied or prescriptive easements. Encumbrances placed on your land without recording them on nth Torrens Land Title System. It is done for endangered species, power lines, grazing rights etc. I am presently presenting a pare to the new W.A. Government about this very subject so that this cannot be done and wish to restore full property rights to the landowners. Governments, companies and especially Government agencies and corporations have taken your land rights calling it in the Public's Interest when actually it is in theirs. We lack the ability to fight them but more so the government should be protecting us, not suppressing us. Good luck to you all but get a petition in to the Legislative Council and get an inquiry going!
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