• Dubbo electricians urged to attend NECA roadshow
Dubbo electricians urged to attend NECA roadshow
13 Jun, 2018, No Comment

Summary: Electricians are about to face major changes to the rules that govern the industry, with the aim of improving safety.....

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is gearing up for the rollout of new standards, which it reports mean that even small domestic wiring jobs will have to be completed differently as in many cases new safety devices will need to be added.

NECA is hosting a roadshow on the subject at Dubbo this month, and is urging local electricians to attend.

The new standards, which govern all electrical work, are set to be published this month.  

The revised AS/ NZS 3000 Wiring Rules have been developed over more than a decade and aim to improve standards of safety and account for the huge technological advances that have taken places over the past ten years.

“These are major developments that will change how electricians go about their business,” NECA NSW executive director Oliver Judd said.  

“It’s crucial electricians in Dubbo understand the changes so they are fully compliant and complete work safely.

“We encourage anyone working in the electrical industry to attend the event and hear from the experts.  

“We’ve already held similar roadshows across NSW, and the sessions have proved invaluable for electricians.”

NECA technical advisor Leon Dickson will deliver the training, and has extensive experience in the industry, including helping to develop the new rules.

He told the Daily Liberal the change that was really going to make an impact was the mandatory requirements for residual current devices (RCDs), commonly called safety switches.

They would soon be required on “all residential installations and every single circuit”, he said.

“Up until now it’s only been powerpoints or socket outlets, and then it went to light fittings,” he said.

“But now it will be hot water services, cooktops, ovens, every single circuit in the house.

“ERAC [the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council], which looks after electricity for Australia, they feel it will save lives.

“So that will have a huge impact, but it will make the house very, very safe.”

The roadshows will be held on Wednesday June 20 between 4-7pm at Dubbo RSL Club. 

To register visit NECA’s website.

dailyliberal.com.au 10/6/2018

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