• ERMS Blacklist explained
ERMS Blacklist explained
30 Mar, 2017, 10 Comment

Summary: One of our subscribers, has provided us with some information regarding the ERMS Blacklist.....

Based on information provided to me by a number of people over the last few months, I decided to ask my HR contact who first made me aware of ERMS if he could explain how it works. This is his reply. Names and other identifiers removed as per his request.

Ok Mate this is how it works:

  1. In regards to Gorgon, Ichthys, Wheatstone, or any other job or project, firstly it's the usual recruitment process. They would need to talk to you, get your permission to conduct reference checks and then submit you into ERMS.
  2. In regards to requesting a copy of your details from your previous employer, that is covered by the privacy act. You have to request the information in writing and they have to respond within a 'reasonable' timeframe. You are entitled to see anything that is on your hard copy file as well as print outs of anything held on their electronic personnel database. 
  3. In regards to ERMS, the number is 9226 2828. In regards to being made first, second or third choice, I'll try and explain how the ERMS system works. 
    • You get contacted about a job
    • They want to progress with your application
    • You will be asked to fill out the 'Registration of Interest' form, either hard copy or electronic through a website
    • They will ask for your permission to contact your referees
    • Then the details of your references plus the information from your Registration of Interest form will get entered into ERMS

The next step happens with ERMS:

  • When your application comes in, they firstly check if you have been through their system before
    • If you have, they will match up your records
  • Then it goes to the verification teamNow, if any of those previous ERMS demob assessments have any issues eg 3rd choice to re-employ, they will check to see if the current contractor has used that particular company as one of your references. 
    • They will check all the data entered to make sure no fields have been missed and that you have the required qualifications
    • They will also check your references, this includes the ones submitted by the current contractor and the ones submitted as previous demob evaluations from other contractors who have put you through ERMS
  • They could call that referee again to verify the information eg they consider you a yes or no to re-employ
  • Generally in this situation they would decline the ERMS submission and send it back to the contractor electronically with a quick note eg 'Please confirm reference from XYZ' or 'Please contact the ERMS team for further information'
  • Then it's up to the contractor to call that referee to get a reference or call them to re-check what they previously told them
  • Then it's up to the contractor, pending what the reference says, as to whether or not they want to re-submit you through ERMS for review

In the specific case of the 3rd choice, I have seen examples of this before.

This comes down to the contractor, they might identify through the ref check that there was indeed some 'sour grapes' in regards to the assessment they gave you.

This comes down to many things such as what you say in regards to why you left and if it matches to what they say.

The contractor may feel that you did the best you could in the situation and that there were no issues with your work performance, it's just 'sour grapes' and they'd still really like to have you on board.

In this instance, they can re-submit your application in ERMS and then send the ERMS team and the client an email to advise of the situation and that they still want you processed.

It is then up to the client, eg., Chevron to say yes or no. It really comes down to each individual situation.

Some clients are much more 'black and white' and others are more flexible.
I hope this makes sense.

So I suggest pushing to get a copy of your full personnel file from the company in question as well as what ERMS are holding on their database about you.

If either of them don't seem willing to provide these, a letter from a lawyer always works as you are entitled to this data under the privacy act.


BELOW I HAVE PROVIDED A SAMPLE OF A REPLY SUPPLIED BY ERMS, replying to a request by an employer for verification of a prospective employee.


Name of person (prospective employee being checked )

Project name 

Name of Company they will be working for,


 This is a system-generated email from Enable ERMS to confirm that the following Request for Verification (RFV) submitted by you on ( date & time ) now has a status of meets project criteria:

This is a system generated email from Enable

For technical assistance please contact Enable Support
Email: support@enablecentral.com.au, Ph: (08) 9226-2828


-----Original Message-----
From: noreply@enablecentral.com.au [mailto:noreply@enablecentral.com.au]


Sent: date & time

To : persons email address


(  Information being supplied by ERMS to the recipient )


This is a system-generated email from Enable ERMS

contact details can be found on the Enable website under HELP/CONTACTS.

This is a system generated email from Enable



So if any of you had any past doubts as to the existence of ERMS and how it can BACKLIST YOU FOR JOBS, or how and by what system the ERMS program works, I hope I have now put to rest all the speculation, and the denials by the uninformed and or the ostriches and flat Earther’s.

For any of you out there who believe you may be blacklisted email info@wattelectricalnews.com to obtain a link to join a WhatApp Group on this topic. This is a group which has been expressly set up for you to join and share your info and your stories with other affected fellow workers. There is discussion within regularly.

There is also a separate section within the WattElectricalNews web site for ERMS which you can find at http://www.wattelectricalnews.com/searchtags/ERMS


David Curry

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    Ray Pavri
    19 Dec, 2018

    To those affected by ERMS Is there anyone who's taken advantage of the materials and supoprt to ERMS via WattElectricalNews who also belongs to the Electrician Q

  • MyPassion

    15 Nov, 2018

    I’ve heard a couple of things. Apparently you can pay $80 or something to have it wiped / cleared. Apparently some mates have done that a while back. If anyone knows exactly how, that'd be great for everyone who has been unfairly put on it. I’ve also heard you can get the union to stop companies accessing your information. I was told that you cannot change the information, but you can however have your Union stop them accessing your information. But what happens then is, any company requesting my information will receive an email stating "said Union has taken out a legal Court ordered injunction preventing us from releasing the required information". Which puts you in no better position I guess. Also that you can use your middle name (you are well within your legal rights to do this) which creates a new profile in the system. But proving ID at the next stage when asked for tickets and licences I’m not sure how to get around. And that if you are flagged, it’s for 4-7 years! It would be good to know if you can find out exactly what client / contractors use the Enable ERMS system? Would be helpful because I won’t waste time applying with them. Is it mostly WA / NT major projects? Construction? Or Maintenance? Offshore? QLD? If anyone knows a list of companies that use it.

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    07 Nov, 2018

    Please register your question to the chat group for ERMS on WattElectricalNews which you can find at https://www.wattelectricalnews.com/News-Forum/ As the owner of WattElectricalNews I am providing the platform for those affected to be in touch and help each other. I don't personally have anything to do with ERMS - so have not been affected, nor part of the group itself so cannot guide you myself. regards Ray

  • MyPassion

    07 Nov, 2018

    So if I pay and do this will it tell me if my husband has been black listed ect? Long story short my husband was working on the itchys project for the last 5 years on and off with differant company's. The last company were bullying him to the point he almost took his own life and has been mentally I'll for almost a year we went to the doctors and filled for workers comp which got rejected then we sent the company a 3 month medical cert and the very next day they sent us a redundancy email. His still not working as it's going through lawyers and possibly court it has put a massive strain on our family mentally and financially.

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    18 Oct, 2018

    I saw Enable ERMS reports are now available with a 100% refund available if no records are in the system http://cited.com.au/enable-erms-report

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    I also have a HR contact who has worked at several LNG projects with the FIFO industry. She has written the following detailing in her experience the ERMS system

  • MyPassion

    27 Jul, 2018

    I worked on the Inpex Oil and Gas Construction Project in Darwin for 19 months. I tended my resignation, the Company I worked for paid me out in lieu of working my resignation period. On leaving I travelled. I was offered a job with Oil and Gas Construction in Jahor Baharu. The HR person was very interested after receipt of my resume. The company had dealings also with the JKC Oil and Gas Project in Darwin. I went from being head huntered to not hearing from the Singapore based HR. I now know why. I have recently been terminated from a job in Darwin following applying for access to the JKC managed site at the Inpex project. I was shocked as I have always had an extremely good work record. I applied under the Privacy Act for all information held on me to ERMS and the Company I worked for previously. Not much was forth coming from ERMS although I was forced to pay $65 if I wanted what they had. The company however sent all which included an exit summary that is required to be filled out by Sub contractors on every employee within 7 days of their exit from the JKC site. This form is then sent to ERMS for all future employers to access. My exit summary was full of untruth, siting an exit interview that did not happen, I was marked as on the very worse border of poor for the entire spectrum of criteria (4) Safety Awareness, Attitude, Skills, and teamsmanship, yet I was never counciled for any of such and all are totally untrue. I have references from ex JKC personnel stating me as going over and above in my duties . I was also ticked Catagory 3 so yes the Catagory system is certainly in place, and a note was written "never to be reimployed". All this done without my knowledge by one very nasty Project Coordinator. I have been in the workforce for 45 years, saved many lives and have had an exemplary work history to the point where in 2007 I received an award for such from the Governor of Queensland. This blacklist does exist, I have proof in my possession that my ex employer filled out this exit summary form as required by JKC it was stamped as being emailed to an electronic employment management server by the Company HR personel. I also discovered on receipt of documents from ERMS that Bright People Technologies were continuing to keep data on my person even after my resignation back in 2016, until recently on knowledge of such I directed them to cease and delete all records on my person. It is important that people command them to stop monitoring their activities. In my opinion they believe they have a carte Blanche authority to monitor you and update their dossier for ever. I will be fighting this injustice all the way through the courts if necessary.

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    02 Apr, 2017

    G'day. I have had a great deal of trouble obtaining work since successfully taking an employer to fair work for wrongful dismissal. For the following 6 months I had no success at all. Even though I applied for hundreds of positions. I then sent an email to fair work stating that it was the worst decision of my life to use them. Surprise, within 4 weeks of this email I had 4 job interviews and was successful in getting a position. However, since this employer went under I have found myself back in the same situation. I have applied for hundreds of positions and have only been able to get casual, low paid positions. Well below my experience and qualifications. I am an electrician with over 30 years experience and extensive tickets and additional qualifications. I have worked in most positions in the electrical industry from consultant engineer, through HV testing and commissioning and all levels of trade from construction through to maintenance. I have also done many years as a FIFO electrician and supervisor. I'm not sure but I believe that age discrimination is also playing a part. I don't know where to turn for assistance. I have attempted to find out what my ERMS rating is without success. they have destroyed my career over the past 10 to 15 years. Also because I have worked mainly on construction contacting referees is difficult because people move around a great deal; and contact information changes as a result. In the past unions could provide some level of protection from this sort of thing but not any more. It bothers me that an employers personal opinion of a person can affect your employment prospects regardless of your actual performance at work.
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    Mick Cameron
    01 Apr, 2017

    mmmmm the above article is very much true. Upon contacting the company, I have asked for my information, by which I got the same reply "for a reasonable admin fee". I asked about any negative feedback that I have received by in the report and from the company who posted it. I was told that any identifying third party information, would be censored but information on myself would be supplied. Whats the point of accessing it, if it is censored? I honestly believe that this goes against the privacy act and find it unconscionable Mick
  • MyPassion

    30 Mar, 2017

    Howdy Folks, I have contacted the company and they will charge a "reasonable admin cost" for giving your information in a hard copy, after they have "found" you in their system (for free). I doubt very much, they would honestly supply any information regarding previous employers "recommendations", "comments" or alleged black list information. That will possibly open them / the "commenter" to libel methinks. This is what I sent them: To Whom It May Concern, I have been redundant since Nov 2015. I have tried to get many many jobs, and LinkedIn views indicate I am regularly "looked at" but nothing has eventuated. I came across an article regarding a program allegedly run by your organisation – ERMS – URL is: http://www.wattelectricalnews.com/NEWS/Have-you-been-a-victim-of-ERMS-–-a-secret-blacklist-preventing-some-people-getting-jobs/34407?utm_source=Weekly Wire Loyals
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