• FIFO workers sacked at Darwin LNG project
FIFO workers sacked at Darwin LNG project
15 Dec, 2016, 7 Comment

Summary: Around 240 FIFO workers have been sacked from Darwin’s LNG project.....

The workers were employed at the UGL Kentz joint venture which provides a construction package for the Ichthys project in Darwin. It has approximately 1500 workers.

The project involves two parts – a power station and a pipeline. While nearly 90 per cent of the power station has been complete, only 60 per cent of the pipeline has been finished, where a majority of the workers were sacked, according to The Gladstone Observer.

Workers unions said 160 workers were sacked this week, while UGL – which is subcontracted by JKC – sacked 80 employees last week.

Bryan Wilkins, Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) organiser, said the lay-offs were part of UGL’s ‘completion of works’ redundancy package.

He added that most of those sacked were in metal trades, including boiler makers, riggers, and fitters.

“They say these redundancies are part of the job but these cuts seem to happen every year just before Christmas,” he said.

“Construction is at its peak and I don’t see why they’re making people redundant now.”

Electrical Trade Union Northern Territory organiser David Hayes said UGL organised its work program to axe workers during the wet season – which starts in December – then employs other workers to ramp up construction in dry seasons.


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  • MyPassion

    21 Apr, 2018

    Giving a person " first preference" based on their skin color is the very definition of racism.
  • MyPassion

    02 Mar, 2018

    There will always be job shortages in AU.The country is vast and population is low, so more than a million foreign workers are needed in the next 20 -30 years.Remember that the Aborigines are the true Australians, they must get first preference in everything especially employment.We Caucasians must stop racism and hate, the world is now a global village. Whether we like it or not AU will be forced to change its name to Skills Shortage Republic if nothing is done to avert this seemingly perrenial problem urgently.
  • MyPassion

    21 Jan, 2018

    I was a strong member of the unions 1980 and 1990s, after that the employers there unions and also eras .I call it the black list, So don't open your mouth or you will face the black list. also the government go hand in hand with Employers otherwise they would have done some thing about 457s. So my friends the Australian workers have no conditions any more. But you can only suppres workers so much then the sun will rise again.
  • MyPassion

    19 Jan, 2018

    Winge winge
  • MyPassion

    12 Jan, 2018

    Our construction jobs are full of them. Goverment needs to take care of hard working australians and ensure these jobs are filled by them first.
  • MyPassion

    20 Sep, 2017

    its all 457s up there mate. 👎
  • MyPassion

    Ross Beattie
    01 Mar, 2017

    I am a Australian Marine Engineer not working now so are 457 visas doing my job?
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