• Firm has trouble finding tradies
Firm has trouble finding tradies
13 Apr, 2017, 2 Comment

Summary: WA unemployment may be soaring after the end of the resources boom, but a mining services company is struggling to fill about 70 trade positions.....

PJL Group operations manager Craig Walker said the 70 vacant positions included roles for auto electricians, boilermakers, specialist fitters and diesel mechanics.

About 10 of the jobs were Perth-based, and others included residential and FIFO positions in Kalgoorlie, Northern Goldfields and Newman. Mr Walker said the company had about 75 people employed in WA, so the vacancy rate represented almost 50 per cent of its desired numbers.

“We are just not getting the applications,” he said.

See job listing for PJL here: WA - FIFO Diesel Mechanic / HD Fitter

“A lot of what we do receive is from overseas people wanting to secure their 457 visa.”

Mr Walker said the firm had increased its hourly rate by between $6 and $8 since Christmas, yet was still unable to attract the desired numbers of appropriately skilled staff.

To help plug some of the gap, PJL had also taken to employing staff with trade expertise outside mining and upskilling them through industry-specific training.

Mr Walker said he expected the skilled labour shortage was exacerbated by an exodus of people who came to WA during the mining boom back to the Eastern States at the start of the downturn. But plenty of skills also still remained within WA, shifting to other sectors.

“We are trying to attract the highly skilled people in their 40s and 50s who are still in Perth back into the mining industry,” Mr Walker said.
“Rates have become more competitive and another thing we can offer for FIFO workers is more family-friendly rosters,” he said.

He said a longer-term solution was for government to provide more support for companies to train apprentices, ensuring a consistent flow of skilled labour into the workforce.

thewest.com.au 11/4/2017

  • MyPassion

    18 May, 2018

    I don't think the liberals want to train anybody.This is because the big companies that back the liberals want 457s at $5 an hour.I've seen it.Those poor xxxxx are hired at $5 an hour. As soon as the trade shortage is bad enough Malcolm Turnbull will say "ooh we have to do this!". And what's the point of a rich country full of poor people.I wonder what the men that fought at Gallipoli would say.
  • MyPassion

    02 Mar, 2018

    As long as AU is not ready to employ workers from overseas, they will never fill the gap for qualified workers.Companies must always be ready to upskill workers, if they are not providing training whom do they expect to train the workers for them.Employees are not only attracted by money but the training and growth potential that is provided, increasing salary rates by a mere 6 or $8 is a foolish solution.Most companies are chasing workers away by demanding additional licences and certificates. As long as applicants are tradesmen with at least two years experience they deserve consideration.It is the duty of the company to upskill them to the level they require.Companies are now too smart for the employees.If nothing is done urgently there will always be critical shortages for the next 100 years and the nation is not going to develop to its maximum potential.
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