• First image of new North Queensland coal power plant revealed
First image of new North Queensland coal power plant revealed
10 Nov, 2017, 4 Comment

Summary: NEW artist’s impressions of a high-efficiency low emissions coal-fired power station have emerged as demand for mixed energy in North Queensland continues to grow.....

(Pictured: Artist's impression exclusively supplied to the Townsville Bulletin of what a HELE coal-fired power plant in NQ might look like)

AGL Energy’s former head of corporate communications and investor relations officer Nathan Vass has released fresh imagery of what a HELE plant could look like if it was built in North Queensland.

Dawson MP George Christensen continues to gather ­signatures in support of coal-fired power in the North, with the intention of handing the petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Vass, who established the Australian Power Project, said the imagery provided North Queenslanders an idea of what could generate their power in the future.

“I understand we need to have a cleaner energy future but if we can get a clean coal power station in North Queensland that’s fantastic, because it gives certainty needed to invest,” he said.

“But we can move towards a cleaner future.”

The design has been modelled on the Mannheim power station in Germany, where similar technology is anchoring electricity production.

Mr Vass, who uses APP as an “advocacy vehicle”, said he walked a middle path between renewables and clean coal.

“It’s all very well to say ­renewables, renewables, ­renewables but if you wipe out coal completely, prices will go up,” he said.

“You just can’t get affordable, reliable power.

“If you can make the HELE stuff work and you can control the emissions, and you have hi-tech, clean-burning technology, it can reduce emissions by as much as 75 to 90 per cent.

“Compared to an old-fashioned station, it’s cutting-edge technology.”

Mr Vass said with a state election having been called, it was important for the people of North Queensland to know what a plant could look like.

“We think that the time is right for a brand new HELE plant to be built,” he said.

“This would be the first time from the ground-up on a large scale.

“There’s no answer at the moment as to where energy will come from in the next 10 to 15 years. Commonly I’m hearing it could be built in two to four years.”

Mr Christensen said he had spoken to Mr Vass and had worked closely with APP.

“I’ve gathered nearly 1000 signatures over a matter of weeks,” he said.

“I want to put that in front of the Prime Minister on the table. We’re going to need to get the project to investment stage.

“I think it’s only fair that the (Commonwealth) Government coughs up for that.

“I would suggest in the next fortnight we’ll be wrapping it (petition) up.”

townsvillebulletin.com.au 9/11/2017

  • MyPassion

    Martin Akehurst
    14 Nov, 2017

    About high-efficiency low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power station, in particular a proposal in North Queensland. To the individual who even questioned “moribund or just plain apathetic?” seems to have the mindset of the Same Sex Survey, or the Dual Citizenship fiasco, “as long as you agree with me, we’ll get along just fine.” People have opinions and they are entitled to voice them without fear of reprisals or angry and physical protests. Peoples thoughts, fears and concepts may or may not have changed about Same Sex Survey, Dual Citizenship or renewable energy and HELE coal driven power stations. Many people’s opinions have changed, because they have educated themselves and possibly learned a thing or two. I have. So, to question “moribund or just plain apathetic?” No. Well done WattElectricaNews.

    Note from the editor: The person who mentioned "moribund or just plain apathetic" were themselves expressing an opinion.... And the opinion was around the fact that when there are things which one does not agree with, especially when they are disputable - how come most from this whole readership stay quiet? In that sense he was making a valid point as are you. That's what opinions are - each person's personal thoughts on something and for WattElectricalNews to have any value for its readers we need more of this, not less.
  • MyPassion

    13 Nov, 2017

    Generally let anything with George Christensen's name attached to it go straight through to the keeper. The bloke's got zero credibility and lacks anything even approaching an idea about anything outside of buttering up current and potential donors to get himself re-elected. Ditto for Nathan Vass, nothing more than a well paid fossil fuel industry shrill.
  • MyPassion

    13 Nov, 2017

    The articles are so well done I didn't think to comment. Well done Weekly Wire.
  • MyPassion

    11 Nov, 2017

    Ray it is astounding that rubbish like this gets past without a single comment. In fact no one seems to comment on anything in all the interesting articles you put up on this bulletin, some of which are controversial to say the least. Is your readership moribund or just plain apathetic?
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