• Group makes mark in mining
Group makes mark in mining
14 Sep, 2018, No Comment

Summary: Fifteen years on from founding Women in Mining and Resources WA, chairwoman Sabina Shugg says a cadre of successful female business leaders are starting to gain greater prominence in the historically male-dominated profession.....

(Pictured: Mining engineer Sabina Shugg was the first woman in WA to earn a first class mine manager's certificate.Picture: Kelsey Reid / Kalgoorlie Miner)

The organisation will host its 10th annual summit in Perth tomorrow, drawing 1000 attendees in a sold-out show that will see some of the most successful female leaders in the mining industry inspire a host of attendees from inside and outside of the industry.

Ms Shugg said there was “so much power” in telling the stories of women who had succeeded and climbed the ranks in the resources industry.

“We’re celebrating some of the role models in the industry, sharing their stories and their inspiration, and that’s inside the industry as well — to share those stories — so people think ‘maybe I can do that’,” she said.

“I think there’s so much power in it.

“I think if you only see men driving buses why would you think you can drive a bus as a woman, and if you only see men running around at mines then how could you think as a woman you could.

“I think it helps people along the journey and role models are particularly important.”

In the audience will be 100 high school and university students, teachers and career advisers.

WIMWA wants to encourage more young women to enter mining to boost diversity in the industry and improve flagging enrolments in mining education that industry voices have said amount to a potential crisis.

“I think the message is getting out there that the industry needs to be more attractive to a broader group and that means we need to be inclusive, look at the diversity of our workforces to be able to survive,” Ms Shugg said.

“That message is getting through, and people are wanting others to understand that message and they see that the summit is one way to get people on board with that message.”

WIMWA celebrated its 15th birthday last week. It has hosted 150 events across WA in that time.

It runs aprogram that has helped more than 500 women connect with male and female industry mentors in the past seven years.


Josh Chiat Kalgoorlie Miner 13/9/2018

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