• Inpex worker falls from cryogenic tanks
Inpex worker falls from cryogenic tanks
13 Feb, 2018, No Comment

Summary: AN INPEX worker has been hospitalised after he fell while working on one of the cryogenic storage tanks.....

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The man slipped while walking across the dome of one of the tanks at the $50 billion construction site about 8am yesterday. 

It is understood he hurt his back and hip in the accident.

A crane and manbox were brought in to transport the worker safely to the ground, rather than using the lift.

Electrical Trades Union NT spokesman Dave Hayes said he was concerned by the incident. “We've previously identified access and egress issues on the dome roofs of the tanks, and insisted that measures be taken to fix the problem to no avail.

facebook.com (FIFO construction workers forum) 10/2/2018

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