• Intuit and Google work together to power Australian small business prosperity
Intuit and Google work together to power Australian small business prosperity
13 Sep, 2017, No Comment

Summary: At the Google Cloud Summit in Sydney today, Intuit Australia and Google announced their new integrated technology to enable seamless invoicing via Gmail.....

The Google Calendar App now works in conjunction with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant, enabling small businesses to streamline their financial processes, better manage their finances and cash flow, increase payment times and improve time efficiencies.

New research by Intuit Australia of more than 500 accountants and bookkeepers has highlighted the challenges they face when managing the accounts of their small business clients. Top of the list of issues are mixing personal and business expenses and poor record keeping.

This can result in accountants and bookkeepers spending up to 50% more time on a set of accounts1 leading to small businesses not only paying higher fees but getting less time on valuable advice and insights from their accountant to grow their business.

Nicolette Maury, Vice President and Country Manager of Intuit Australia said, “I’m delighted this collaboration between Intuit and Google will deliver huge benefits for small businesses across Australia. Intuit and Google are leaders in innovative technological advances for small business and, by bringing our technologies together, we are creating important efficiencies between the two solutions we know customers are already using.

“Prior to the integration, small businesses had to manually enter each activity from their Google calendar into QuickBooks. Not only did this take longer but it increased the chance of human error. This new integration allows business owners to schedule client work and appointments with Google Calendar and then these billable appointments are available in QuickBooks for invoicing customers and managing finances.”

Head of Partners & Alliances, JAPAC, Google Cloud, Ash Willis said, “Google Cloud is pleased to work with Intuit to provide the tools that make it easier for businesses to innovate and deliver services. This new integration enables small businesses to increase their efficiency when invoicing, meaning they save time and money.”

The Intuit Australia research also showed that accountants and bookkeepers prefer working with small businesses who use accounting software and who have remote access to their books, both of which are key advantages of Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Other key findings of the research include:

  • The most popular advice given by accountants and bookkeepers to their small business clients is: o to keep proper records (74%)
  • use accounting software (60%)1 o keep up to date with payment obligations (55%) 
  • 57% of accountants and bookkeepers have come across small business clients who do not understand the importance of cash flow
  • 44% of accountants and bookkeepers rate tradies as the worst offenders when it comes to creating problems for them

Small businesses can find out more about the partnership and its benefits by visiting www.quickbooks.com.au

The findings of the research are summarised in an ebook found here: https://www.intuit.com.au/content/dam/intuit/quickbooks/i18n/en/Australia/pdf/Intuit-Google-ebook.pdf

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