• Jeremy Buckingham says Liberal, Labor parties should rule out gas field off NSW coast
Jeremy Buckingham says Liberal, Labor parties should rule out gas field off NSW coast
11 Jan, 2019, No Comment

Summary: Independent NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham says the state’s Labor and Liberal parties should rule out any potential oil or gas fields off the NSW coast.....

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It comes after news that Asset Energy told the Australian Securities Exchange it planned to conduct 3D seismic testing in waters near Newcastle “at the earliest opportunity”, after it got promising results from 2D seismic testing conducted last April.

“The idea of sitting on a beach and seeing oil rigs on the horizon or dead whales and dolphins washing up is offensive to communities from the Central Coast to Newcastle,” said Mr Buckingham, a former member of the Greens.

“We don’t need new fossil fuels in an age of climate change and we should do all we can to protect our precious marine life like whales and dolphins, our ocean and our coastline from this industry.

“There’s too much at stake for us to accept this risk and we’ll be out in force again unless the licence is revoked and the project is rejected.”


10/1/2019, www.theherald.com.au/story/5845134/call-to-rule-out-possible-gas-field-off-coast-of-newcastle/

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