• Lakes Oil files in Victorian Court of Appeal
Lakes Oil files in Victorian Court of Appeal
09 Nov, 2018, 1 Comment

Summary: Lakes Oil has filed documents in the Victorian Court of Appeal over a decision in favour of the Victorian gas moratorium.....

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After the Victorian Government widened the scope of the 2017 moratorium to include all onshore gas exploration until 2020, Lakes Oil took the case to court.

It argued that it should still be allowed to carry out minimum work requirements in preparation for when the moratorium was lifted.

Lakes Oil has now filed documents to appeal the decision of Justice Macaulay who ruled the company was not permitted to carry out work for its gas exploration projects while the bans were still in place.

In statement, Lakes Oil said it believed Justice Macaulay “erred in arriving at his decision” and the company has now served an application for leave to appeal on the Victorian Minister for Resources.

The minister’s response to the appeal is due on 30 November 2018.

For more information visit the Lakes Oil website.


8/11/2018, www.gastoday.com.au/2018/11/08/lakes-oil-files-in-victorian-court-of-appeal/

  • MyPassion

    15 Nov, 2018

    The southern areas of Victoria are fed by the Dilwyn Aquifer and others in Gippsland. The aquifer water flows through underground pathways and is some of the best aquifer water in Australia. Any contamination or depletion through gasfield activity could seriously jeopardise our food security. Industries dependent on this water are beef lamb dairy wine horticulture fruit
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