• Mansfield electrician dominates national awards season
  • Mansfield electrician dominates national awards season
Mansfield electrician dominates national awards season
06 Dec, 2018, No Comment

Summary: Brisbane electrician wins prestigious National Master Electrician of the Year Award - Award winner being Scott Sinclair, General Manager of Electrical for Fallon Solutions - National award follows winning of the Queensland Master Electrician of the Year Award 2 weeks ago. - ALSO Fallon Solutions apprentice, Josh Brown, wins TAFE Queensland’s Plumbing Apprentice of the Year....

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Mansfield electrician Scott Sinclair is Australia’s National Master Electrician of the Year.  

Scott, General Manager of Electrical for Fallon Solutions, won the national award two weeks after winning the prestigious Queensland Master Electrician of the Year award and celebrates his long-term commitment to safety, innovation, customer and community service and industry involvement.   

Master Electricians Australia CEO Malcolm Richards said the Excellence Awards recognised members of the electrical industry who most strongly reflected the Master Electricians Australia values – quality, safety, energy efficiency, innovation and the highest standard of service.

“It is heartening to see so many electrical businesses across Australia getting it so right for their customers, the staff and the environment,” Mr Richards said.

Respected by his colleagues and customers, Scott is widely regarded as a safety expect, catching many ‘close calls’ hidden behind walls and in ceilings that could have resulted in devastating fires or electrocutions.  

“I’ve seen some scary things that homeowners were blissfully unaware of, like wires smouldering in insulation in wall cavities from rodents chewing on them, to dodgy switchboard repairs that could only have been performed by unlicensed people,” Mr Sinclair said.

“I always guide my team in best practice, particularly when it comes to safety. We are energetic, engaged and accountable, which is why our customers come back.

“Working with over 50,000 Fallon customers each year, we pride ourselves on making sure that every single customer has an excellent experience and is delighted with the service.

Mr Sinclair began his apprenticeship in 1981 with QLD Rail, working on diesel and electrical trains, then moving onto General Electric. He started working with Fallon Solutions in 2010 and has been proudto be a part of the company’s 220% growth in turnover within the last three years.  

Fallon Solutions Managing Director, Mark Denning, applauds Mr Sinclair’s award recognition, and his contribution to the company’s success.

“We are very proud of Scott’s awards and the recognition of his professionalism and work ethic as a tradesman. We are even prouder of the fact that he values being part of the Fallon Solutions team.”

Looking ahead, Mr Sinclair believes Fallon Solutionsand his team will continue to grow and achieve great results for their local community. 
“I’m so proud to accept this award, not necessarily for myself, but in recognition that success can only be achieved with a great team.

“Master Electricians is the leading professional body in the industry, so for them to recognise me as the Master Electrician of the Year means so much.”

Clocking up nearly 40 years in the trade, Mr Sinclair said one of the highlights of his career was his involvement in the 2001 Queensland flood recovery effort where he recognised the importance of quality tradespeople, teamwork and leadership.

“One of the greatest memories I have is supporting a dedicated and selfless team to get people back on their feet after the devastating floods in 2011. 

“Together, we worked tirelessly with families who had lost most of their possessions. To be able to come in and help them get their home liveable again was incredibly rewarding,” Mr Sinclair said.

Fallon Solutions Apprentice Awarded 

Fallon Solutions have plenty of other trade talent in their pipeline. 

TAFE Queensland has named Fallon Solutions Josh Brown as it’s Plumbing Apprentice of the Year. 

According to Fallon Solutions Plumbing General Manager, Michael Preston, Mr Brown was awarded for exhibiting a commitment to learning both in the classroom and in the field. 

“He demonstrated a willingness to not just fix a problem, but to also put his customers’ minds at ease.” 

“Josh’s attitude means he will surely reach his goal of becoming a master plumber.”

Starting his plumbing apprenticeship in September 2017, Mr Brown enjoys encountering new challenges every day and being able to solve problems for his customers.

Fallon Solutions is a multi-trade trade services company that is comprised of directly-employed electricians, plumbers, air conditioning technicians, carpenters and appliance repair technicians. The business is built on the tenets of safety and service.


06/12/2018, Media Release

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