• Mining company opens trust fund for lost worker
Mining company opens trust fund for lost worker
04 Jan, 2019, No Comment

Summary: MINING giant BHP has opened a trust account in honour of their recently deceased worker, Allan Houston, 49, and are contributing $2 for every $1 raised.....

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BHP Billtion Mitsubishi Alliance said the account had been set up with the Miners' Promise, an independent not-for-profit organisation well-known for its support services to mineworkers and their families.

Contributions are open to everyone including employees, contractors and members of the community.

BMA will also automatically contribute on a 2:1 basis for any individual contributions made through the Miners' Promise fund.

Mr Houston, of Gracemere, died on New Year's Eve, December 31, during an incident while he was operating a dozer at Saraji mine.

Following the tragic incident at the Dysart mine on Monday, operations slowly started to recommence on the site yesterday.

"The central focus remains on people and ensuring they are in the right frame of mind to safely re-start work,” a BMA media statement read.

"As part of its commitment to safety BMA will conduct an internal investigation as a priority to commence immediately.

"BMA is committed to sharing the findings in a thorough and transparent manner when completed.”

BMA's Employee Assistance Program remains on site at Saraji supporting all people affected by the incident.

It is contactable on 1800 056 076.


Vanessa Jarrett, 4/1/2019, www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/mining-company-opens-trust-fund-for-lost-worker/3614352/

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