• Mining salaries set to rise
Mining salaries set to rise
16 May, 2018, 1 Comment

Summary: Most mine workers can expect a pay rise at their next review, according to recruiter Hays.....

The 2018-19 salary guide from Hays revealed that 79 per cent of mining, resources, energy and oil & gas employers plan to give workers a salary increase at some level.

More than half (57 per cent) of employers intend to give their staff a pay rise of less than 3 per cent at their next review, the survey found.

The guide also showed that 15 per cent of employers would increase salaries by between 3­–6 per cent, while 7 per cent would raise pay packets by 6 per cent or more.

This leaves 21 per cent of employers that do not intend to give their workers a pay rise. This result is, however, down on the 30 per cent of employers that did not plan to increase salaries a year ago.

The plans of employers do differ from the expectations of workers, with 17 per cent of employees expecting to receive an increase of 6 per cent or more.

Employees see a pay rise as a priority too. Around two-thirds (67 per cent) responded that it is their top priority, while almost half (48 per cent) will request a rise if it isn’t forthcoming.

Hays Resources & Mining senior regional director Chris Kent said increasing job vacancies throughout 2017-18 had brought an end to wage erosion for loyal workers who remained in the industry over recent years.

“In fact, by early 2018 many jurisdictions began to increase wages in an attempt to lure back those blue collar workers who secured jobs in alternative industries closer to home. This is particularly evident in North Queensland where drive-in, drive-out roles were common,” Kent said.

“With employers keen to continue trialling blue collar workers in contract roles and a dwindling pool of experienced people, hourly rates will increase in the year ahead.”

The guide is based on a survey of more than 3000 organisations. It also found that around two-thirds of employers are concerned that skills shortages will impact the effective operation of their organisation or department in some way.

australianmining.com.au 16/5/2018

  • MyPassion

    18 May, 2018

    So 78% will get a salary increase of 3% (57% 3% and 21% no increase). But inflation is running at 2.2%. So effectively 78% will get a net increase of 0.8% for the whole year. And that's probably after a similar or no increase last year. This makes it sound like its good news. But its not.
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