• New Hope pursues Acland expansion in the courts
New Hope pursues Acland expansion in the courts
19 Jun, 2017, No Comment

Summary: NEW Hope Corporation has sought a judicial review of the Queensland Land Court’s recommendation in respect of its New Acland Mine Stage 3 mining lease applications and related environmental authority amendment.....

The decision follows one of the largest environmental cases in Australian history where 40 community objectors successfully challenged the expansion of the New Acland coal mine by submitting evidence on threats to water, air quality and farming businesses.

“New Hope remains committed to progressing the approvals required to deliver the New Acland Stage 3 project,” the company said in a statement.

The New Acland mine has 782 employees and contractors and supports businesses and suppliers associated with the mine. 

During the peak construction phase of Stage 3, it is expected more than 1000 employees and contractors will be required.

“The livelihoods of these people and their families depend on the continuation of the mine and the approval of the Stage 3 operation would provide employment stability for many years to come,” New Hope said.

“We look forward to the Queensland government’s timely and favourable decision regarding the future of this operation.”

Queensland Resources Council CEO Ian Macfarlane said that given the rigorous government assessment processes the project had already passed, including examination by the independent expert scientific committee as part of the federal government’s approval earlier this year, the decision by the Land Court was surprising.

www.miningmonthly.com 19/6/2017

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