• New year safety check
New year safety check
22 Jan, 2020, No Comment

Summary: The new year is a great time for a quick safety check of your business before things get busy.....

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The new year is a great time for a quick safety check of your business before things get busy.

  1. Review your safe work procedures for electrical work, particularly for working live or working near live parts.
  2. Review your testing procedures.
  3. Ensure workers are aware of safe work and testing procedures, particularly if you’ve made changes.
  4. Ensure new workers are competent to perform the work carried out by your business and they are aware of your procedures.
  5. Check your test instruments, tools and personal protective equipment to ensure they are working and in good condition.

A bit of time spent checking the basics now can help set you up for a safe year of work.

If you’ve started an apprentice in 2020, take the time to read the apprentice supervision guide via the below link.



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