• 'Rolling blackouts' needed to teach people a lesson, says energy minister's wife
'Rolling blackouts' needed to teach people a lesson, says energy minister's wife
29 Nov, 2018, 1 Comment

Summary: It seems Michael Kroger isn't the only one blaming the voters for the silliness leading them to vote for Labor.....

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When PR operative Parnell Palme McGuinness posted an extract from her thoughtful column in this newspaper (accusing Victorian Labor of running on centrist issues, then claiming a mandate for left-wing cultural issues) on Facebook, it drew some commentary.

Including, on Tuesday morning, from Louise Clegg, a barrister who happens to be Hume MP Angus Taylor's better half.

"Recession, rolling blackouts, youth unemployment all necessary for people to realise left populism/culture, unrestrained spending, outlawing offensive speech etc. is not the answer," she wrote. Remember she's married to the federal energy minister! Here's hoping "rolling blackouts" aren't on Taylor's agenda, no matter how vital the need to combat left populism. Clegg later disputed McGuiness' written claim that the Liberals were running "culture wars", saying it was "all sensible centre from where I sit". McGuinness warmly invited her to discuss this "offline". Which seems prudent, particularly as the post is entirely public.

Here we were thinking Barnaby Joyce's ignominy came about because he impregnated a staff member.

Here we were thinking Barnaby Joyce's ignominy came about because he impregnated a staff member. MICK TSIKAS

Later that evening on Sky News, Barnaby Joyce reflected on his brave decision not do a Julia Banks and decamp to the cross-bench, despite, he said, his own shabby treatment by the Liberals. "I mean I absolutely got thrown under the bus by Malcolm Turnbull," he said. "I could've gone 'aw it's all too much for me' and thrown my bongo out with the pram — you can't do that, you gotta stick to your guns, and fight the issues."

Here we were thinking Joyce's ignominy came about because he impregnated a staff member, and when it was revealed, actually threw his toys out of the pram in a rolling public tantrum that went on for weeks, decimating Turnbull's brief political momentum, while taking no responsibility for the contents of said pram by claiming his offspring's paternity was "a grey area".


Myriam Robin , 29/11/2018, www.afr.com/brand/rear-window/rolling-blackouts-needed-to-teach-people-a-lesson-says-energy-ministers-wife-20181128-h18g2i

  • MyPassion

    Maurice McGahey
    05 Dec, 2018

    So a well run state owned power industry is "left populism"? It doesn't matter how damning the evidence that capitalist neoliberalist "sell it (power infrastructure) and let the market decide." carpet-bagger populism dismally failed, any return to a system that WORKED for Australia is LEFT populism! Of course the cashed up foreign carpet-baggers were going to buy our power infrastructures. Of course they were going to pull as much profit from them as possible while spending nothing on maintenance. That is what carpet-baggers do! That is what capitalists do! "Hey "Chuck, Wang, Alphonse" (insert your foreign name of choice), this Aussie politician wants us to buy his power (station, network) and run it!" "You mean he wants us to buy his truck, deliver to his customers at a price we decide to charge and the truck is OURS to do what we want with it!" "YOU BETCHA! That old truck will run for a few years until it starts to break down and we'll just keep pushing it after that pocketing the profit. It's not my lights that will go out!" "Did you have to pay this politician for this offer?" "Oh, just a few 'fact finding junkets' ... cheap as chips he was. They are not really any better at negotiating for themselves than for their constituents." "Black GOLD, Texas Tea!" Australia is not the USA. Our infrastructure cannot be run the way 355 million people run theirs. And even the USA has found that capitalist models don't run well with essential infrastructure (North East States and New York City Blackouts of 1965, 1977, 2003, 2011, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_major_power_outages, Western US Energy Crisis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_electricity_crisis) The evidence is posted. Politicians just need to take note.

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