• Sandvik releases non-cabin Ranger surface drill rigs
Sandvik releases non-cabin Ranger surface drill rigs
08 Jan, 2019, No Comment

Summary: Sandvik has expanded its Ranger DX series of surface top hammer drill rigs with a pair of non-cabin versions.....

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The non-cabin additions to the range – Ranger DX600R and DX800R – are based on the Ranger DX600 and DX800 models.

Sandvik’s DXR drill rigs, suited for construction applications, open pit mines and quarries, are designed to reach places off-limits to operators and where other drills fail to operate.

They essentially offer the characteristic of conventional Ranger DX series drill rigs, reliability and large drilling coverage area from the standard 17.6m2 to an optional 26.4m2, in a lighter and more mobile package, according to Sandvik.

“The non-cabin Ranger DXR drill rigs flourish on unstable benches and deep cuts typical to applications such as road and railroad construction, foundation drilling, trenching and pipeline contracts,” Sandvik stated.

“The most hazardous of these extremely demanding jobs can be downright impossible without efficient remote radio control, which allows the operator to always choose the best position in terms of safety and visibility.

“The remote control panel also includes tramming control functionalities for fast hole-to-hole movements and precise hole spotting.”

In terms of productivity, the revolving superstructure of the Ranger DXR enables up to 60 per cent more holes to be drilled compared to conventional top hammer drill rigs.

Ranger DXR series drill rigs are designed for 64 to 127mm hole size range, with drill rod sizes between 38mm and 51mm.


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