• Someone in town wants backpackers to 'F--- off'
Someone in town wants backpackers to 'F--- off'
07 Jun, 2018, 1 Comment

Summary: BACKPACKERS from across Australia have expressed frustration over a poster claiming travellers were not welcome in the Queensland town of Ayr.....

The profanity-laden flyer reads: “Unless you are of Northern European descent, speak English and you are not a thot (sic) or degenerate, f*** off, because you are not welcome here”.

(Thot, for those playing at home, is slang for “that ho over there”.)

Dutch traveller Yuri Struycken said the “preposterous” flyer, which was taped to a local shopfront window, made her feel incredibly discriminated against.

Flyers pasted on Ayr window fronts claiming ’Ayr is a backpacker-free zone’ have been deemed racist. Picture: Supplied

Flyers pasted on Ayr window fronts claiming ’Ayr is a backpacker-free zone’ have been deemed racist. Picture: SuppliedSource:Townsville Bulletin

“They are acting like we’re beasts who are just out to party and to destroy their society,” Ms Struycken said.

She said travellers worked hard and respected the communities they gained employment in.

“If they don’t want backpackers in Ayr, so be it,” Ms Struycken said.

“Let them fall like one of the many mining/agricultural towns here in Australia. There are plenty of farmers, restaurateurs, business owners who are incredibly happy to have the help from backpackers.”

British traveller Lyndsey Peel said the racist and explicit poster was confusing.

“It claims northern European persons are welcome but backpackers aren’t … so as both of those things I would be curious to know if I am allowed there?” Ms Peel said.

“In my country they wouldn’t get away with posting it as it’s discriminatory and marginalising a group … But it’s not clear which group it is!”

French backpacker Adly Wayne said the poster was nonsense.

“I really don’t understand why someone would even take time do such a stupid poster,” Mr Wayne said.

Despite the vicious poster, Mr Wayne said he had never come across a local with negative feelings towards backpackers in the Burdekin.

“During my short stay there, I met welcoming and really helpful people,” he said.

Within hours of being notified, Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn McLaughlin issued a statement condemning the “vile” poster targeting backpackers.

“I’m appalled … the person responsible should hang their head in shame,” Cr McLaughlin said.

“We wholeheartedly welcome backpackers to our region, not only for the crucial work they do in our horticultural industries but for the cultural diversity they add to our community.”

news.com.au 6/6/2018

  • MyPassion

    07 Jun, 2018

    Unfortunately there is an element of undesirable people in our community these days that bring the image of Australian's down! Like many countries Australia has its good and bad times, life goes on and regardless of the origin of any traveller and / or packpacker they are ALL welcome if they abide by our rules and understand they are our guests. Australia like most countries is populated by foreigners from all over the world so everyone is welcome if they are prepared to led a good life here and follow the Australian way of life.....so enjoy! MJ
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