• Telstra releasing 5G handsets to Australian market by mid-2019
Telstra releasing 5G handsets to Australian market by mid-2019
11 Jan, 2019, No Comment

Summary: Australian consumers will be able to get their hands on 5G handsets at Telstra stores nationwide by mid-2019.....

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On January 10, the company revealed it will have 5G-capable smartphones for sale by the end of June.

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn said the company has made deals with some of the largest smartphone makers to make the 5G handsets available.

Speaking at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas, Penn said partnerships has been made with world-leading brands to bring their first 5G devices exclusively to Telstra customers on the Telstra network.

“These strategic relationships are now paying off directly for our customers, who will soon have exclusive access to 5G-enabled devices on the nation’s largest and fastest mobile network, and other devices will also soon hit our stores.

“The 5G revolution is now very real. More than 200 Telstra 5G mobile base stations are now online across the nation and our customers will very soon be among the first in the world to experience the possibilities this revolutionary technology can deliver,” said Penn.

Telstra did not reveal which smartphone manufacturers it had signed the exclusive deals with, or how long the exclusive deal would last.


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