• The mining jobs in demand in 2018
The mining jobs in demand in 2018
12 Jan, 2018, 2 Comment

Summary: A report by recruitment agency Hays has expressed the belief that the Australian mining sector has entered 2018 with a renewed optimism as a number of skills shortages have emerged.....

In the main mining states of Western Australia and Queensland, mining jobs are in demand. In the former, HD fitters, dump truck operators, underground engineers, maintenance planners and exploration geologists are particularly sought.

In Queensland, machine operators (Draglines, excavators and underground), boilermakers and electricians, mechanical fitters, diesel fitters and CNC machinists will be among the most wanted.

Mechanical fitters, boilermakers, electricians and machinists will also be in demand in New South Wales as well.

In Victoria, where the mining industry has less presence, welders, pipe fitters and quarry operators are listed as among the most sought after positions for the upcoming year.

These positions will be in short supply and high demand throughout 2018, Hays said, due to an increase in new mine sites.

According to Hays, redundancies in recent years have driven employees to jobs with lower wages but better lifestyles, and stated that “given increased vacancy activity, one of the biggest challenges in 2018 will be to entice them back”.

australianmining.com.au 11/1/2018

  • MyPassion

    11 Feb, 2018

    And where he's coming from brother that's sick. They've set it up so that they always want experienced people. But you can only have that many experienced people and they have more vacancies than there is experience. So why can't they give people a go that want a job that just need the training? Why can't they help us out?
  • MyPassion

    Tony Carson
    12 Jan, 2018

    So if there’s a shortage how can I get training on the dump trucks, no one seems to want to help people that are willing to learn, I have tried so many places but they all want experienced drivers, so there’s no hope for me and others like me who would love to have the chance thanks, if you do know of anyone in WA please email me back thanks again.
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