• UWA probing FIFO mental health
UWA probing FIFO mental health
21 Nov, 2017, 3 Comment

Summary: THE University of Western Australia is surveying 1500 fly-in, fly-out workers to study their wellbeing, mental health and the effects of the work on their families to gather more information on what it says is an under-researched area.....

The UWA study has been commissioned by the Mental Health Commission and will provide background and evidence that companies can use to design workplaces that are positive for mental health and wellbeing.

UWA said that the effect of FIFO life on workers and their families’ mental health was not well understood, despite a strong FIFO culture in Australia and Western Australia. 

FIFO and drive-in, drive-out work poses particular demands on workers and their families, however it is not understood how certain workplace factors affect FIFO workers’ mental health and general wellbeing.

“Without insights into the workplace aspects that shape the FIFO experience, targeted strategies and initiatives focussed on protecting and enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of FIFO workers and their families cannot be provided,” UWA said.

The study will not just look at what contributes to mental health, but also identify positive and negative workplace experiences and the strategies used by workers and their families to protect against possible challenges, and then identify the relative importance of each factor.

This will include those related to the work itself, the site facilities and the FIFO workers. 

UWA said the survey would include questions about mental health and wellbeing, work and the workplace and family and social life and would take 30 minutes to complete.

It said the information would be reported back to the Mental Health Commission.

The study will form the basis for guidance and support for the workers and their families.

Those taking part in the study will get personalised feedback. 

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  • MyPassion

    Neil Thompson
    01 Jan, 2018

    I have worked FIFO
  • MyPassion

    D D C anon
    23 Nov, 2017

    Reading this post I am highly doubtful anonymous has ever done an FIFO projects long term ,as If he had he would not have made the ill informed comments he has made.. Many Fifo guys drink little prefering to hit the gym , of those that drink only the idiots do so to excess as very often you are breath tested every morning or randomly. Also drug testing is a regular. Random I got tested twice in one week on one occassion. So those fools who do dont last long.. Yes family problems do play on some guys But having been there and lived it full on for 5 years straight I can attest that for most guys the BIGGEST PROBLEM BY FAR is work place bullying and pressures from supervision and managment. As to the TESTING FIT FOR WORK anonymous refers to in all my years I was only ever sent for a pre employment physical .. Never any mental assesments. Mate if you are going to put in your two bobs worth you would do to actually have real world experience of the subject.. Or you tend to look like a total ignoramus As you have evidenced . To the fifo brothers and sisters out there Be safe and share it .. Mates in construction D D C Anon
  • MyPassion

    23 Nov, 2017

    With FIFO issues, many of the individuals who choose and decide to work on FIFO or DIDO are currently still enjoying most of their careers out there for years now. These people have undergone psychological, mental and physical tests which means everyone who passed the tests are fit to work. The mental health issue has been developed through personal problems, family matters and relationships / financial issues, being away from their beloved friends and families, physical health and fatigue, misuse of bad substance, excessive drinking of alcohol, bullying at work and other means like that. If so, they are really not the right candidates to take as FIFO or DIDO workers due to their bad habits. Many or majority of the companies have provided FIFO workers the basic needs such as free board and lodging, amenities, food, cars and bus going to/from work and flights. Possibly in my observation, it is due to long work hours imposed by many companies where this affects their daily lives. Forcing them to do the long daily hours of work while paying them high salaries.
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