• Victorian early learning service providers sought to evaluate Cert III training
Victorian early learning service providers sought to evaluate Cert III training
21 Feb, 2020, No Comment

Summary: The Victorian Government is seeking a handful of early learning service providers to take part in an Independent Assessment Trial.....


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Educators who have recently completed their Certificate III (Cert III) in Early Childhood Education and Care are invited to participate for the purpose of being independently assessed in their workplace. 

In particular, the Victorian branch of the Australian Childcare Alliance said, they are looking for people who have just commenced their educator role post-study, with no previous work experience.

Through engaging with independent assessment, it is hoped that employers will have increased confidence in the  quality of the apprenticeship and traineeship system, as recommended by the Victorian Skills Commissioner’s Apprenticeship and Traineeship Taskforce.

While some qualifications, such as in plumbing or electrician apprenticeships, are independently assessed, not all apprenticeships and traineeships are assessed by an external source, which has led to some concerns about the calibre of qualifications being signed off on.

To address the concerns, the Victorian Government is piloting Independent Assessments in twenty Victorian apprenticeship and traineeship occupations, including the early learning sector.

In an announcement in relation to the call out, ACA President Paul Mondo highlighted his involvement in the project group working on the pilot, with an ACA Victoria spokesperson saying the Group was “really pleased that the early learning sector has been included, as it allows our sector to provide meaningful feedback about the outcomes of the Cert III courses and provide constructive criticism.” 



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