ERMS Blacklist WhatsApp Group Set Up By WattElectricalNews
2018-07-27 12:17:10


On this site people are questioning if there is a black list. I was recently terminated from a position when I applied for access to the Oil and Gas Project in Darwin which was a requirement of the job. I had previously worked at the Oil and Gas project from 2014 -2016. I was shocked when I was denied access and terminated from my new position. I contacted Bright People Technologies as well as the company I had previously worked for asking for personal information held on me under the Privacy act. On receipt of the information received from the company amongst documentation was a exit survey which stated that it must be filled out by the company within 7 days. The exit survey was full of mistruth. The catagories listed on the form were 1-3 and I had been marked as Catagory 3 and a note added never to be Reemployed. I had an excellent work record gained over 45 years of employment. This exit summary was filled in by a very nasty Project Coordinator and from that and the fact of it being placed on ERMS I now know that I am definately blacklisted and forced into early retirement.