ERMS Blacklist explained
2018-07-27 05:06:34


Hi everyone This is Ray from WattElectricalNews. I am the owner of the WattElectricalNews website on which you've conveyed your ERMS story. I created the ERMS tab on the WattElectricalNews home page and this forum through which those affected by ERMS could convey their story for others to read about and join in, if affected. As the stories of ERMS have been coming through (increasingly more of recent) I've realised its time to initiate some joint action. Please realise though that I have not been personally affected by ERMS myself. So I can only be the facilitator and as someone willing to give this air time so redress could come about. I can also help with idea generation in terms of how this if done as a group could achieve more, than each of you individually pursuing this and provide visibility to this through WattElectricalNews. Those who are interested please email me ( your interest in my setting up a private password initiated chat group within WattElectricalNews so discussions can happen as a group on this. Please include a mobile number and a full name so that you can be checked as someone who has been affected through the emails to WattElectricalNews sent earlier. Is this of interest to you? regards Ray