ERMS Blacklist explained
2018-07-29 08:24:37


I worked on the Inpex Oil and Gas Construction Project in Darwin for 19 months. I tended my resignation, the Company I worked for paid me out in lieu of working my resignation period. On leaving I travelled. I was offered a job with Oil and Gas Construction in Jahor Baharu. The HR person was very interested after receipt of my resume. The company had dealings also with the JKC Oil and Gas Project in Darwin. I went from being head huntered to not hearing from the Singapore based HR. I now know why. I have recently been terminated from a job in Darwin following applying for access to the JKC managed site at the Inpex project. I was shocked as I have always had an extremely good work record. I applied under the Privacy Act for all information held on me to ERMS and the Company I worked for previously. Not much was forth coming from ERMS although I was forced to pay $65 if I wanted what they had. The company however sent all which included an exit summary that is required to be filled out by Sub contractors on every employee within 7 days of their exit from the JKC site. This form is then sent to ERMS for all future employers to access. My exit summary was full of untruth, siting an exit interview that did not happen, I was marked as on the very worse border of poor for the entire spectrum of criteria (4) Safety Awareness, Attitude, Skills, and teamsmanship, yet I was never counciled for any of such and all are totally untrue. I have references from ex JKC personnel stating me as going over and above in my duties . I was also ticked Catagory 3 so yes the Catagory system is certainly in place, and a note was written "never to be reimployed". All this done without my knowledge by one very nasty Project Coordinator. I have been in the workforce for 45 years, saved many lives and have had an exemplary work history to the point where in 2007 I received an award for such from the Governor of Queensland. This blacklist does exist, I have proof in my possession that my ex employer filled out this exit summary form as required by JKC it was stamped as being emailed to an electronic employment management server by the Company HR personel. I also discovered on receipt of documents from ERMS that Bright People Technologies were continuing to keep data on my person even after my resignation back in 2016, until recently on knowledge of such I directed them to cease and delete all records on my person. It is important that people command them to stop monitoring their activities. In my opinion they believe they have a carte Blanche authority to monitor you and update their dossier for ever. I will be fighting this injustice all the way through the courts if necessary. Anonymous, 27/07/18