Skills shortage drives up wages
2018-12-07 03:49:32


I get sick of hearing about the skills shortage, I have an MC Licence, Haul truck ticket and many more and have applied for over 350 jobs in the mines without a single call. I have had my Resume done to (mine standards) I am applying for anything to get a foot in the door. I have spoken to many recruitment agencies and they (many different companies) have told me if i don’t know anyone in the mines and don’t have experience then just give up. WHAT??? There is a shortage of staff and like myself there are thousands of Australians breaking their neck to get in and work and we are not even getting looked at. No-one is born with experience. If you want good workers then employ men or women like myself that has heavy vehicle experience and has no money, then you will end up with a dedicated hard working team. I have even offered the recruitment offices to give me a chance at scrubbing toilets and I will work up from there, only to be told I need a minimum two years experience. What has this country become. Any wonder there is staff shortages. Craig Le Couteur, 07/12/18