ERMS – “Bright” light cited….
2019-02-19 09:09:17


I paid the $38.50 to get my ERMS report, what I found was jobs I hadn’t worked on, jobs missing that I had worked on, referee’s I’ve never heard of etc etc. After reading the report, I went onto their online chat, I ended up chatting with Jodi, I asked to have my personal details removed, she asked why? I told her that some of the information was incorrect, she said that I could alter it and put in the correct information, I went on to say that I wanted it removed, because although I had done medicals and been assured that I had the job, they were just waiting to recieve my ERMS check. When they got it, the position was suddenly filled. Jodi said there is nothing in the check that would result in that happening. I said it has now happened on several occasions and I want my information removed, she wouldn’t do it! There was a lot more than I’ve written. I asked if I could have a copy of the transcript, she said yes and asked for my email address. After a couple of days of waiting, I contacted them again, once again I got Jodi, I told her I hadn’t received the transcript, she said they were having problems with their system, that’s why it didn’t send, after waiting, she came back and said the system was working again. She then claimed she had to get permission from her manager. She came back and said her manager wouldn’t authorise her to send me the transcript, I said I have always received copies from other companies, she said she doesn’t know what other companies do, she was told she wasn’t allowed to forward it to me! I feel that the transcript had information that they didn’t want used against them, incriminating evidence that they don’t want known! Luckily I screenshot the second conversation, now where do I go with it! Who will follow it up? I haven’t yet posted my experience/trouble that put me in ERMS, but it came down to being to experienced, and embarrassing our manager and supervisor on Curtis Island Anonymous, 19/02/19


Editors Note: I will get in touch with some of the individuals who have expressed a desire to lead on this and revert back on this link itself, so keep a look out.