Hydro power station plan for Port Augusta inches closes a developers lodge licence
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Summary: A proposal to build a 230MW pumped hydro station near Port Augusta has moved “one switch’ closer after the developers lodged a licence for the $410 million project....

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The Essential Services Commission of SA last week received an application for an electricity generation licence for the Goat Hill project, 12km west of Port Augusta.

The proposed project, being built by Delta Electricity together with Altura Group, in a conglomerate called Pumped Hydro SA, will feature two 115MW turbines.

Pumped hydro involves pumping water uphill between two reservoirs when energy is surplus or cheap, and running it downhill through turbines to generate electricity when demand and prices are high.

In its application, Pumped Hydro SA says the plant will operate continuously with “high availability to respond to variations in grid energy supply and demand”.

Calls to Pumped Hydro SA about the application and how far behind schedule the project is went unanswered yesterday.

According to Altura’s website, construction work had originally been slated to begin in the second half of last year and the project completed in 2020.

The project received development approval last May.

Port Augusta Mayor Brett Benbow said it was “fantastic” for the region that the project had taken another stride.

“It’s great they’re getting to the point they are now,” Mr Benbow said.

“All these ventures going ahead are just great for us” he added.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan welcomed the application, which would bring “new, clean and reliable generation” to SA.

“Greater competition in the South Australian electricity market will deliver both cheaper and more reliable power to households and businesses,” he said.

“The development of a pumped hydro project will deliver dispatchable power from our plentiful renewable energy resources.”

Labor energy spokesman Tom Koutsantonis said the licence application “means nothing” until construction started.

He pinned the blame on the delay of a number of renewable energy projects on the State Government, saying it was “directly linked” to the abolition of the state based Renewable Energy Target.

“Applying for a licence with ESCOSA isn’t construction,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

Public consultation on the proposal ends on February 28.


Source : Adam Langenberg, 05/02/2019, http://www.newslocker.com/en-au/region/port-augusta/hydro-power-station-plan-for-port-augusta-inches-closes-a-developers-lodge-licence-the-advertiser/view/

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