You do a great post. Sorry you might be feeling unappreciated. To be honest I am amazed how you get so much information together consistently. I hope you keep it going, I guess people are often bombarded. Thanks from all the Bourne family. (We all read your info) happy Christmas and good wishes for 2018.



Well mate, your Weekly Wire and WattElectricalNews articles are informative, appear to be unbiased and deliver knowledge to your subscribers. Maybe you have now hit a nerve with your subs who I see supporting this well. Keep going.



Having been successful in the past in finding full engineering employment I found myself facing a possible end to that good fortune of recent. I realised through recent experience, that my advance years (early 50s) and a “tick the box” approach to some recruitment processes, which I would have thought was my most valuable asset, could be an issue preventing me from getting my job. I needed to distinguish myself from the crowd and realised that I didn’t have all the skills to promote myself so I applied and received Ray’s “The Work Trap Dilemma” book. I realised on reading it that many of my experiences were shared. Ray guided me all the way, provided constructive criticism and he has an immense network of connections and a realistic approach based on his broad experience which was priceless. 


Mike Hogg, Senior Technical Consultant

Ray was an immense help to me during my career move from Australia to New Zealand. He not only helped determine my next career move but also helped to better understand my motivators and how to select roles that best fit my personality.


Chamath Wijeratne, Project Manager

I enjoy reading the WattElectricalNews Weekly Wire to know about what is going on in the work force. I will be sorry if people don't support such a good thing. Best Regards and Merry Xmas to you.



Keep it up Ray, doing a good job. Cheers & a Merry Xmas.



In writing this testimonial it might help to explain the enormity of the challenges I faced before meeting Ray. I was a recent, mature age professional engineer, with several previous years’ technician experience within Australia, having recently graduated from an Australian university in Western Australia. When I met Ray, I was temporarily working as a kitchen hand to keep cash flows going, while trying to look for job in the engineering field. Those from Perth and Western Australia would know that it is going through an unprecedented challenge. I had made several unsuccessful attempts towards finding an appropriate job and I was getting despondent. Australia and even outside Australia was not very favorable for engineers working in the mining & oil-gas fields and it looked like my having undertaken the degree was of no use. No solution sprung to mind. After talking to Ray, I found and secured a job in the engineering field within Perth within three months of starting. 


Raja Ganguli, Engineer

Your WattElectricalNews site is very informative to me. I can keep up with what is happening in the construction world and lets me know where the work is, as current issues happening on site. Whatever you decide, thank you for your efforts and wish you well.



I enjoy reading the WattElectricalNews Weekly Wire and would be happy if you continue your work on this. Regards



I think your WattElectricalNews site is great, it is very informative letting us know of upcoming projects, jobs and just day to day happenings around the country. I for one hope you get the responses you deserve and keep the site going. All the best to you. Regards



Your WattElectricalNews website and the information that you provide is top class and very relevant to the mining industry. I personally would like you to continue. Keep up the great work.



F. B.

I'll be disappointed if your very informative newsletter is no longer available. Thank you Ray, regards



After a little over a year of applying to advertised jobs and not getting a single callback, I was feeling very hopeless and unwanted by industry. Two different resume writers and copious amounts of web research into job hunting was not helping me get past the initial screening. I came across Ray’s website and book and decided to engage his consulting service.


Damien Boyle, Chemical Engineer

Thanks for your WattElectricalNews Weekly Wire newsletter. It's been interesting keeping up with what's happening.  Regards



Apologies but I did not see that request. I find WattElectricalNews & the Weekly Wire really interesting and a very valid source of news & projects. For what it is worth please keep it open. I am a Professional Engineer (BEng, MBA) and your news items are objective and to the point, without frills--just what I like to read. Regards



I like WattElectricalNews, thanks – please keep it going.



I contacted Ray Pavri, as his offer of mentoring for degree qualified engineers dissatisfied with their current work situation who feel trapped without an escape plan resonated with me. I felt that I had lost direction in my career. Ray was able to offer me a structured program which enabled me to identify my strengths and understand why I was feeling defeated in my work situation.


Catherine Hatch, Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

People are busy and any spare time is consumed by social media etc.  Which is why a curated service like WattElectricalNews is very helpful. 

Kind regards



Thanks for your WattElectricalNews Weekly Wire emails. I will be the first to admit that the use of your material is for me a source of information. I think the lack of response from your readership is similar to most reaction from subscribers across the board. The last couple years have brought on a lethargy which is evidenced by expressions and conversations with the man in the street. An aimless don’t care attitude which I can only assume has been generated by a government muting promises which have never come to fruition and the general state of the economy. We can only hope that this attitude find renewal in the new year, replaced by a genuine turn round in the market. Thank you for your years of interesting reading and I hope you have an enjoyable festive season. Kind Regards.



I’ve had a number of jobs, having changed jobs several times but kept feeling unfulfilled and that’s why I contacted you towards the career consult. I resonated with the career book Ray wrote, along with the consult with Ray, which made me realise that he knew what he was talking about, with lots of connections in the industry and that he was there to help people like me. In terms of the situation changing, I’ve learnt a lot about myself from things like identifying my talents, more about my previous work pattern history and my reasons for leaving previous roles. I feel I have things in control now, am heading in the right direction through the addressing of core issues and I genuinely feel the consults have played a part in that. I’d rate this really highly.


Paul Ivkivic, Civil Engineer

WattElectricalNews is a good source of info and I really like it. I read this every day. It would be a shame to close this. 




The change in the business model proposed through the career consulting session, has been what’s been most successful for me. My own business model has changed as a result of that and my thinking has changed too. I’ve developed this with your career guidance sessions and I now have a more stable client base. The workload has increased substantially and while I have not perfected the scheduling of it, I am not so reliant on the fickleness of the market. I’ve been forced to broaden my client base substantially. And the initiatives you’ve suggested have been very successful. 


Peter Egan, Estimator

May be it seems we are quiet spectators however do not be disillusioned by that. WattElectricalNews is an interesting read and would like to see it continue.


Chris Seymour

I am normally a quiet spectator and not interested in engagement. I work in procurement for an electricity distributor. I try to keep track of information about our suppliers and our industry, which is how I found The WattElectricalNews Weekly Wire. I commend you on producing a terrific news aggregation service. While I don’t enjoy reading the FUD distributed by some news sites, I appreciate knowing what is being reported and applaud you for providing an unbiased collection of the information that is out there. I hope you continue. Thank you for providing me with access to lots of relevant and interesting news. Regards



In response to your email below, my views are as follows. I have found the website WattElectricalNews a useful place to get latest and relevant news about electricity and mining industries.  I found the website useful and I congratulate you on your commitment and contribution.  With best regards.



My vote is you keep going .. as mentioned I think your WattElectricalNews newsletter is great. Hopefully you get lots of responses. Kind regards.



Your Weekly Wire News portal is very important to the Engineers as it provides the latest in-depth  situation of projects and Australian Economy.I believe it is equally or more valuable than Engineers Australia newsletters and many more publications received from time to time. Please do not discontinue. We will try to support you with more material if required. This forum should be extended to the participating Employers, Employment Seekers & Employed persons. We should add a space for small engineering firms seeking a piece of work which can be known to be aavailable and prospective service seekers can contact them straight away. These are just my thoughts & can be improved further.


I'm one of the silent 'lurkers' to your WattElectricalNews weekly emails. I do find the content useful and regularly forward to colleagues where there are articles of specific interest. It'd be a shame if you have to wind up the website - I hope you have a better response to your most recent request regarding engagement by Engineers. Please keep doing what you're doing! In turn, I'll try to engage more in the process as I'm as guilty as the next person with regards to lack of interaction... All the best.



Personally I find your WattElectricalNews emails a useful source of information on an industry I am in. Presently I am employed as a service person at RAAF while a sole carer for a teenage son. Mining industry claimed another relationship. Thanks for your efforts over the past few years.