ERMS Blacklist WhatsApp Group Set Up By WattElectricalNews
2017-03-12 11:30:14

Opinion: Despite all the words of the nay Sayers and flat earthers, there are some irrefutable facts concerning the Bright People Technologies ERMS Computer Program. And the negative impact it has on the ability of many people to get jobs on projects, particularly in WA. Whether You believe in the 1,2,3 code that some have spoken of, or you believe in the black list it matters less. As to exactly what system the ERMS computer system uses to mark / note your file in the negative , it could say.. "DO NOT EMPLOY THIS PERSON". What matters the most is the fact that IT ACTUALLY DOES EXIST and many are affected by it and cannot get jobs and have no means of redress it. For those persons who have actually taken the time to research this subject, they are aware that WA unions have known about it for years and on occasions in the past have made attempts in the courts to close it down but with no effect. Why is that you ask ? Try doing a bit of your own research. Only when there are enough truly informed, outraged and incensed people out there do we stand any chance of being able to bring about any change thru political action and or enough members to create a group to take a legal class action in the courts. What is also needed is a POLITICAL LOBBY GROUP to put pressure on your political representatives. An expose article in the national media by a top notch investigative journalist like ...JOHN PILGER to get some national exposure would also be a good thing. Gentlemen and ladies who among you would be interested in joining a class action group where we engage a no win, no cost law firm to take such a case on? Perhaps Ray could set up a register for people to put their names on. How about it Ray? Is that a Do-able? I am sure the more likes this idea got the more ray would be inclined to oblige us. Dave, 13/03/17

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