ERMS Blacklist WhatsApp Group Set Up By WattElectricalNews
2017-03-13 02:39:59

Opinion: So as the owner of this web site Watt Electrical News, I can provide the platform through which issues like the "Blacklist" can be addressed. Because I've not had this experience myself, I can at this stage, only provide an avenue for those affected to stand up and be noticed. But for any "system" and if you say that the Blacklist is a system to discriminate, then there must be individuals in the thousands affected by it. The companies highlighted by those affected are not small companies and they are not going to set up a system for a small group of 10, 15 or even 100 people. So thousands should have been affected by it if this exists as a system. When I have raised the Blacklist issue and given it a platform, we have had 14 or so who have joined. But 14 does not make up a systemised approach to discrimination. So unless we have individuals by the hundreds join or support this, it cannot be taken to a legal firm or even to an investigative journalist - well atleast I am not going to do so unless I see a lot more people affected by this. So if this is a real issue lets see how many people support this ultimately. If lots support this, then I am willing to champion it and take this up with a legal firm and approach an investigative journalist on behalf of the group.

Ray, 12/03/17

  • MyPassion

    Alec Antony
    2017-03-19 03:39:29

    Hi Ray, Can you send me the link so i can join this group, we have a grouo on facebook called 'Explain this Bullshit' its about trying to solve the problem, so far we have some 230 plus members, if you would to join just look it up and i will add you. Kind Regards Alec Antony P.S my mobil is 0406838981 and my email is and feel free to contact me anytime.
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