Cattleman’s group wants land access veto
2017-03-17 03:03:07

Opinion: In Western Australia a mining company cannot come on to your land without permission but could that change. The way it is done in implied or prescriptive easements. Encumbrances placed on your land without recording them on nth Torrens Land Title System. It is done for endangered species, power lines, grazing rights etc. I am presently presenting a pare to the new W.A. Government about this very subject so that this cannot be done and wish to restore full property rights to the landowners. Governments, companies and especially Government agencies and corporations have taken your land rights calling it in the Public's Interest when actually it is in theirs. We lack the ability to fight them but more so the government should be protecting us, not suppressing us. Good luck to you all but get a petition in to the Legislative Council and get an inquiry going! Terry Ealing, 17/03/17

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