ERMS Blacklist explained
2017-03-30 07:56:06

Opinion: Howdy Folks, I have contacted the company and they will charge a "reasonable admin cost" for giving your information in a hard copy, after they have "found" you in their system (for free). I doubt, very much, they would honestly supply any information regarding previous employers "recommendations", "comments" or alleged black list information. That will possibly open them / the "commenter" to libel me-thinks. This is what I sent them: To Whom It May Concern, I have been redundant since Nov 2015. I have tried to get many many jobs and LinkedIn views indicate I am regularly "looked at" but nothing has eventuated. I came across an article regarding a program allegedly run by your organisation – ERMS – URL is:–-a-secret-blacklist-preventing-some-people-getting-jobs/34407?utm_source=Weekly Wire Loyals Anonymous, 30/03/2017

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