ERMS Blacklist explained
2017-04-03 04:40:29

Opinion: G'day. I have had a great deal of trouble obtaining work since successfully taking an employer to fair work for wrongful dismissal. For the following 6 months I had no success at all. Even though I applied for hundreds of positions. I then sent an email to fair work stating that it was the worst decision of my life to use them. Surprise, within 4 weeks of this email I had 4 job interviews and was successful in getting a position. However, since this employer went under I have found myself back in the same situation. I have applied for hundreds of positions and have only been able to get casual, low paid positions. Well below my experience and qualifications. I am an electrician with over 30 years experience and extensive tickets and additional qualifications. I have worked in most positions in the electrical industry from consultant engineer, through HV testing and commissioning and all levels of trade from construction through to maintenance. I have also done many years as a FIFO electrician and supervisor. I'm not sure but I believe that age discrimination is also playing a part. I don't know where to turn for assistance. I have attempted to find out what my ERMS rating is without success. they have destroyed my career over the past 10 to 15 years. Also because I have worked mainly on construction contacting referees is difficult because people move around a great deal; and contact information changes as a result. In the past unions could provide some level of protection from this sort of thing but not any more. It bothers me that an employers personal opinion of a person can affect your employment prospects regardless of your actual performance at work. Anonymous, 03/04/17

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