Australian scientists just made major breakthrough that could put solar power anywhere
2017-04-18 03:26:05

Opinion: How great is this. My father is 88 years of age and has seen many great advancements as he worked in the Electrical Engineering Department of the U.W.A. Perth. We have always had great potential to lead the world in this area and should pursue it. I have a small wind/ solar/ generator system on my farm that works but battery storage is always the problem and limits your consumption greatly especially with cost and the sheer weight of the batteries. I shall be building a much bigger system soon to power my new house and I cannot wait for these advancements to hit the market especially if they are manyfactured in Australia. Well done and please keep going as it is appreciated by all of us who understand what your doing! Australians are renowned for adapting and overcoming! That's what mateship is all about! Terry Ealing, 18/04/2017

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