Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2017-05-01 06:46:43


This story actually happened. It is what the person has noted, but I will give you additional details.

I was a senior employee for a sub-contractor on a Rio Tinto site and I saw this happen.

There was an employee (the victim) that was being unreasonably bullied by 2 other employees . They had previously bullied another employee who complained and was forced to resign.

The project manager heard of what was happening from various employees. The PM also received complaints from the 2  employees that were carrying out the bulling. 

The PM requested one of the managers  to do a report on work productivity, volume, accuracy and QA of all three employees (the victim and the bullies). The contention was that the 2 bullies accused the victim of poor quality, littered with errors.

As result an investigation was conducted, which also included the 2 bullies and the person being bullied.

The person doing the investigation obtained the procedure from HR (who was also informed of the investigation) and he was also instructed by the site manager to provide a copy of the report to him on completion. He undertook the investigation as per the procedure and collated all the data and reviewed the quality, quantity, volume and accuracy of the works. The manager then submitted the report.

The report showed that the allegations against the person being bullied were not true. Rather, the person being bullied and accused of poor performance, was in fact the best performer of all and vindicated of all the purported claims 

The victim thereafter was continually bullied no end and became very sick and as the attached from your website shows, she was eventually taken to hospital. The person that took her to hospital (as stated by that person on the attached) was the HSE rep. He had also witnessed the bullying. The victim was hospitalized, then was unable to work thereafter for somewhere between 6 months to 1 or 2 years.

The victim then successfully sued the company, but it took its toll on her to live through the experience, and the agreed out of court settlement was significantly less and by no means covered the losses from sickness and loss of work encountered thereafter. 

Then this is what happened to the person who did the investigation.

The day the victim was taken into hospital, he was called to the office and asked why he had carried out the investigation. The PM accused him of acting without his knowledge and that the investigation (that had proved the victim innocent) that he was asked to do, and that the PM now denied ever requesting, was the reason why the victim was hospitalised.  

The person that did the investigation was subsequently sacked.

Of course he said that he was requested to undertake the investigation and that the PM (who was the person that was sacking him at the time) was the one that had requested it. He showed the evidence that the PM himself had requested the investigation and the evidence from the HR manager (who was also aware that the investigation was being done) provided  the procedure to undertake the investigation and the evidence that showed the site manager also requesting the investigation, but none the less, he was terminated on the spot.

Despite the facts, the sole blame of the victims hospitalization was on the manager conducting the investigation.

I then left the company. I’ve heard from other employees that the 2 people carrying out the bullying were then either demoted or terminated, but I don't know this for sure.

I do know for certain that the victim, after her recuperation from hospital, spent some time with another employee who offered to share her home with the victim to aid in recuperation. This person was thereafter also sacked.

The HR manager was also give a warning.

It also appears from the blog on your website that the HSE rep that took the victim to hospital was also sacked.

Basically anyone that had anything to do with the victim was terminated .

I believe all involved were provided with poor ERMS scores.

I know for certain that the manager responsible for the investigation did.

The point that needs to be made clear is this: The ERMS is certainly NOT a system that should be relied upon for accuracy or integrity. It's used as a means to sledge and defame workers. The ERMS system is basically a legal means by supervisors and managers to defame people that they may not like for any number of discriminatory reasons.

I know of a case just recently on my current job where a highly qualified and intelligent graduate engineer with a double degree was lied to and totally mislead by his 2 managers. He was then involved in an argument between them and was subsequently terminated. The graduate engineer was innocent. He was told by the manager that he will never get a job in WA again for the next 5 years. I take that as meaning his ERMS record will be such, that he will be disqualified (finding it difficult) based on the poor ERMS record-which has a life span (I am assuming) of 5 years.

The ERMS system is an extension of victimization where there is no transparency or accuracy required. It's simply abused to punish victims and anyone that may be marginalized. This includes anyone that relates as LGBT, people from other religious backgrounds and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

ERMS needs to go.

In essence ERMS is a "legal avenue" of on line bullying. There is no difference between ERMS and writing defamatory comments about others on your Facebook page.

And of course, the opposite is also true. Employees often do use ERMS to provide an exaggerated appraisal of their friends and associates in order that they receive a "positive and exaggerated" view of their performance that results in the employee receiving better job prospects - more so than what they may normally deserve.

Anonmyous, 01/05/2017

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