WA's 130,000 public servants on notice after Western Power asks staff to accept pay freeze
2017-05-01 10:22:34

Opinion: Western Power's 130,000 staff asked to accept pay freeze! Really! The staff are being made redundant and asked to take a pay freeze, yet, NSW wants and increase on charges? A few months ago electricity was cheap and the utilities complaining and fighting about starting up a power station to supply SA for a blackout. Now Au is bragging they have the largest solar farms in the world, they have the most people on home solar grids which has driven prices down, yet they want more money? Yet, I have seen nothing to say why they need more money as ceraitnly the world market on infrastructure projects is depressed, so where is this money going that they need? This area is certainly manipulated by greedy companies and Joe Public needs to awaken and switch off these companies. The whole world has a quiet recession going on and it is shared with companies as well as the public and governments. This is for sure 'one for all and all for me' scenario. A very manipulated market indeed. Bruce McLellan, 01/05/2017

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