WA's 130,000 public servants on notice after Western Power asks staff to accept pay freeze
2017-05-01 03:14:49

Opinion: You can sack the lot of them as far as I am concerned regarding the manner in which they treat Landowners. Have a look to seek if you can find any property rights for landowners who do not have an easement across their property for a power line to squat on. Have a look at their operation methods for cutting our gate chains to your property! Have a look at what they cover you for if a power line falls on you causing your death or injury. Nothing! They will deny any responsibility! Through the freedom of information I do not even have a contract for my property to have a power line on it. When you buy a property in this situation there is no information given to you to expose the implied easement and all their requirements. They haven't written any yet! If they have they haven't made them available to us. Need I keep going! I have off grid power but according to them it is not reliable. Well I have got news for them. It works great. So who needs them. $30,000 thousand for a three phase connection to our farm yet they squat on our land for nothing and they reckon that's a fair deal. I can build a great system for that not connected to the grid and not pay any bills. I thus illuminate all the danger and stress from having their line on our property and their arrogant attitude. Good riddance Western Power! Terry Ealing, 01/05/2017

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