NT gas industry, thousands of jobs at risk
2017-05-18 04:15:46

Opinion: We do not need the gas and the problems that go with it. See also https://www.wattelectricalnews.com/NEWS/NT-fracking-debate-continues-as-Origin-allows-access-to-exploration-well/34208. There is always other problems that always occur from one action to another. In this case it is our underground water resources that are at risk for personal greed and profit. Sorry but if the Government and Public service get the royalties they will waste it on themselves anyway. We won't see any benefit. So what is the point to it all? By the way I am not a greenie or and activist. Just a normal middle class person with an opinion. I have an offgrid solar, wind and generator power source which works well. I do not need gas or more and more and more and more and more of it. We are doing just fine! Cheers Terry, 18/05/17

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