Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2017-06-26 03:48:55

Opinion: I know it's a fact they've kept all information on every person in the past as l requested a copy of mine at a cost of $70 dollars over 15 years ago. They have since told me that they do not keep anything other than the initial induction questionnaires we do prior to starting jobs but I don't believe it as l have not been able to get any work since l was made redundant from Barrow island 2015 Dec. And I'm sure it's all to do with one particular supervisor that was impossible. It was his way or you were wrong and would suffer a written warning. He would not listen to reason. He was found out to be vindictive and corrupt and was later sacked never to be hired again by this company. But it was after l was made redundant that l found out about ERMS and rang the company to ask if they would change my evaluation, taking his comments about me off the record that he had put into their system. But they said NO. It will remain so. The company knowing fully well that this person wrote derogatory and defamatory stories about people and ruined a career for myself and others are just as evil as that person. l have NO doubt that ERMS holds and gives this type of information to companies that pay them and use them to store such lies on many other individuals !! Thank you ERMS ..not ..

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