Merredin blazes own path with wind, solar
2017-07-10 04:17:43

Opinion: Hooray someone is finally getting it. My little Missouri 1500 watt generator does just that. Tops up my batteries mainly at night and makes my small system at the farm work like a charm. Combined with a small genset backup for about 2 weeks of the year it works great. The next thing is how to work out dumping the excess power into my water heater. Stop being afraid people go offgrid and stuff the large corporations dictating the price of power and paying themselves huge unjustified wages. They say if you pay peanuts you only get monkeys. But more to the point the more you pay the more they get greedy and powerful giving us more grief. Corporations and large companies don't have birthdays or feel the wind on their faces. They feel nothing and only want more. Go offgrid! Terry Ealing, 10/07/17

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