Free Skype counselling for lonely Irish offered in Australia and Canada
2017-07-28 01:45:43

Opinion: Interesting viewpoint anonymous, however I don't think you are looking at the big picture. This service supports people from Ireland with their mental health while they are away. It is mainly aimed at the generation of the past 10 years who were either forced to go or choose to go to have a better life than they could have at home. Your expierence not withstanding does not mean that literally 10s of 1000s of others wouldn't benefit from the support while away! Furthermore as was related in the article emigrants are less likely to attend mental health services in their adopted country and even when they do the therapeutic process takes a lot longer due to cultural barriers. We have a responsibility back home to support those that were forced to go and also to our citizens who choose to go but may come back one day! I can't understand how anyone would begrudge other people being supported with their mental health... Lochlann, 28/07/17

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