AGL, Origin and Energy Australia inflating power profits
2017-08-01 02:24:42

Opinion: What about the power given to all these Energy Providers in legislation to do what they like on your property?No one discussed it with the Landowners! I have offgrid power and it works people. $45,000 to connect to the grid 50 metres away from my living quarters. Please look up what I get for $45,000 if I buy an offgrid system and the big difference is No Bills and No Energy Provider like Western Power cutting my gate chain on our farm doing damage, doing what they like without discussion or negotiation on land they do not have an easement on, leaving without repairing the damage, then after complaint denying it, then after lengthy battles to have it repaired, rehabilitated or replaced. then wanting more and more or failing to comply to various Acts of Parliament. I do not need that in my life for nearly 4 years. I do not need their power line on my property, the people who want the old system do! People need to realize that grid power is old school and all your doing is keeping these people in a lifestyle we will never have. Plastic shopping bags are out and so should grid power be! My missouri 1500 watt wind generator was making 7.5 amps into my batteries yesterday when there was no sun. Everything was working on my farm even when there was no sun! The wind cost me nothing! Terry Ealing, 31/07/17

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