Have you been a victim of ERMS – a secret blacklist preventing some people getting jobs?
2017-08-14 01:01:33

Opinion: Hi, I believe I to am a victim of this. I had my employment terminated January 2016 by Rio Tinto, but when I asked for a separation certificate they put on it that I resigned. After being accused of bulling and harassment, having been investigated found not guilty, they then went me alledged safety breach's. Even though I had signed instructions from the superintentient, other individuals made up various statements that I could not fight and was called a liar, dishonest, and was terminated. Since then 150 resumes and cover letters and constant applications, still nothing. I thought about taking action in the beginning, because of their size, and using and our stored funds it wasn't possible. Now that some time has passed, it's definitely not right to be able to victimise, control, and halt someone's career. I have heard of the shitlist and even friends in the industry still say that it still exists. Lionel Lindsey, 13/08/17

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